Jirisan(Mt.) Healing Art Farm


‘365 days of Art in Nature’ at Mount Jirisan, Ecological Art Park

Jirisan is a mountain in the southern region of South Korea. The name Jirisan means “the mountain of wise people”. Many scholars have visited over many years to develop their wisdom. Artists are inspired by the beautiful scenery and the marvelous energy found there. Nature and art have an ancient relationship and Jirisan is a treasure chest of nature.
Mount Jirisan Ecological Art Park is now inspiring an internationally growing interest in ecological art. A new art and ecology facility at Mount Jirisan, facilitates the co-existance of natural, ecology and the making of cultural art. Offering a centre where visiting artists and the community can focus exclusively on the surroundings, by cultivating the inspiration and artistic practice of creative people, we aim to drive the future of ecology based art.
Numerous art events will encourage ‘everyday creativity’ inspiring relationships with nature and a response to the natural environment, forging the way towards a new global base for ecology based art.

 ...NOH Sung Jin, 201605

illustration © NOH Sung Jin, 201605

‘Art and nature become one’ at Mount Jirisan Int’l Environment Arts Festa

The Festival creates a setting where Mount Jirisan becomes a stage, a canvas, a theater and an exhibiting space.
International Environment Arts Festa (JIIAF) is hosting the event at the Ecological Art Park. By inviting a range of diverse international artists, works will be created and displayed which respond to the natural environment.
The Korean Environment Ecology Arts & Design Award, is an art award given to emerging artists who demonstrate a creative sensibility and innovative passion to the surrounding. The art festival also aims to inspire local residents by including them in the complex processes that can lead to the making of contemporary art works. Bringing artists, people and nature together.

– Art brut & AI-art Special Exhibition_AI-art+Metaverse+NFT at JIIAF 2023_spring
– Türkiye Contemporary Art Metaverse Exhibition at JIIAF 2022_fall
– Latin America Contemporary Art Metaverse Exhibition at JIIAF 2022_spring
– Senegalese Contemporary Art Special Exhibition at JIIAF 2021
Cornelia Konrads is the Artist in Residence at JIIAF 2020
– Kevina-Jo Smith is the Artist in Residence at JIIAF 2019
James W. Sullivan is the Artist in Residence at JIIAF 2018
Erik Samakh is the Artist in Residence at JIIAF 2017
Ambassade de France en Corée is a Jirisan International arts festival official sponsor
Chris Drury is the Artist in Residence at Jirisan 2016
Hampstead School of Art, UK, is a Jirisan International arts exchange partner

JIIAF 2023 spring season
May 6 – June 6, 2023
JIIAF 2023 fall season
October 27 – November 26, 2023
Jirisan(Mt.) Art Farm / Jirisan Contemporary Art Museum, Hadong 

December 00 – 00, 2023
Seoul Arts Gallery
South Korea