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2016.11.07 19:05


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지리산 국제환경 생태예술제 개막
Arirang News (아리랑 뉴스)

지리산 국제환경 생태예술제 개막
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Jirisan International Environment Arts Festival is now on.
The event offers visitors, a chance to appreciate nature harmonizing with our daily lives.
Our Lee Unshin was at the opening of that festival.
Imagine, artwork inspired by Mother Nature, blending into everyday life.
That’s what the International Environment Ecology Arts Festival is all about.
With a range of diverse artists present, the event celebrates the harmony of art and nature with those who appreciate it the most.
The opening ceremony was held at the Ecological Art Park, located at the foot of Mount Jirisan,… where the majestic scenery and peaceful energy were enough to take the crowd’s breath away.

“Art and nature have that unbreakable bond, in the sense that nature sometimes creates art… and many artists are inspired by nature. Today, people are gathered at this festival to appreciate the connection between the two – and even this drizzly weather couldn’t keep them away.”

The artists put their creativity on display, whether through music, landscape paintings or interpretive dance.
Regardless of the form it took, each piece represented each artist’s personal response to their surroundings,… in line with the theme of the event.

“This work is called ‘Jiri Mountain Tea Line,’ because it is a line of stones that points to the mountain over here, and it is connected to the landscape. The work is not a sculpture unless it’s part of the landscape, the landscape is also part of the sculpture. We pick the tea and drink the tea, we become part of the landscape, part of the mountain.”

Some artists expressed their gratitude for the natural world by integrating the relationship between human, nature and art in sculptures.
Take this wooden chair, featuring carvings that reflect the wind blowing through a peaceful forest.

“With the event, we’re promoting the importance of environmental preservation, while bringing artistic touches to the region. And we waited to hold the festival here in Hadong County because of its extraordinary beauty.”

The event may have started in Hadong, but it’s about to spread nationwide.
Several pieces from the festival along with other works that include paintings and landscape art will be showcased at exhibitions in Seoul through the month of November… to encourage visitors to see nature in a different light and be inspired by its beauty.
Lee Unshin, Arirang News, Hadong.

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